This mindfulness helped me tremendously to just calm down. I struggle sometimes with bottling up my emotions to the point that I explode in extreme emotions such as anger or depression. However, since being in this class, I was much slower to react negatively to things. And when I did, I was able to use the tools, such as mindful breathing and meditation to bring myself back down to center. It has helped me stop worrying so much about the past and future by living in the present moment and learn how to positively deal with my emotion.

- L., 17, 11th grade

It is helpful for me a lot because … I am so worried about my future. So this helped me organize my thoughts and helped me be able to focus on what I am doing at this moment. Also, if I am angry, as soon as I get focused on the breath it will help me calm down and that is something I learned in this class. I like it and it was so beneficial for me.

- L., 19, 12th grade

I have learned how to label my emotions and how to not let them get the best of me. I'm also not so skeptical about things around me any more. I rarely jump to conclusions. Sometimes it's hard to focus and calm down, but I do do by remembering the exercises we have done.

- K., 17, 11th grade

To me, mindfulness helps me calm down more. It helps me stay more in the moment and not judge myself based off of what I'm feeling or thinking. Mindfulness changed the way I think, honestly. Before we started this group I was a ticking time bomb and it was scary for others and myself. But certain practices we did helped me calm down.

- T., 16, 10th grade

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